Clinton Street to Clybourn

From Clinton Street (MP 0.4), the four tracks of the Geneva subdivision turn to the west, passing beneath a signal bridge and bridging over the eponymous north-south street, while the two tracks of the Kenosha subdivision continue ahead to the north, passing beneath their own signal bridge. Speed limits are 15 mph for passenger trains and 10 mph for freights to MP 0.7, and then 35-10 to MP 2.4. A double-track line emanating from State Street Yard  on the line that once headed east to the original C&NW terminal on the north side of the Chicago River, that today runs beneath the Merchandise Mart and bridges over the North Branch of the Chicago River, trails in on the east side.

The lefthand running main line angles west-northwest and then northwest as tracks to the south end of the Chicago Avenue Yard, on the northeast side of the line, continue north on the east side of the line. Tracks from the north end of that yard trail in from the east-southeast (on the east side) as the main line turns west-northwest again, on the west side of the North Branch of the Chicago River, with extra track still on the east side, past a bridge over a street at an angle, a signal bridge overhead, a bridge over an east-west street, two bridges over north-south streets, two bridges over east-west streets, a bridge over an intersection, a bridge over a southwest-northeast street, a bridge over a north-south street, a bridge over an east-west street, a bridge over Division Street, and housing on the west side, and then turns north-northwest, past North Avenue Yard on the east side of the line, and a bridge over North Avenue, to CY Tower (MP 2.7, former tower on the west side), where a connection to the former Milwaukee branch  to Goose Island departs on the east side, there is a signal bridge overhead, and a bridge over an east-west street. That former Milwaukee branch bridges overhead as the main line turns northwest past extra track on the east side, and a signal bridge overhead, to the junction of the Harvard and Kenosha subdivisions at the south end of the Metra station at Clybourn (MP 2.9), which has two side platforms on each line.

Between MP 2.4 and MP 3.3, the speed limit for straight trains is 35, 30 and that for diverging trains 30 mph.