Clinton Street to Western Avenue

At Clinton Street (MP 0.4),  the two tracks of the Kenosha subdivision continue ahead to the north, while the four tracks of the Geneva subdivision turn to the west, lefthand running. The speed limit within the station is 10 mph, rising to 15 mph for passenger and TOFC trains, and 10 mph for freight trains, as far as MP 0.7, 35, 35, 30 to MP 1.6, and 50, 45, 30 from MP 1.7 to MP 2.6. There is an eastward signal bridge at MP 1.4, six bridges over north-south streets, including the bridge over I-90/94, a bridge over an east-west street, and three bridges over north-south streets. At Noble Street, where there is a signal bridge, tracks trail in on the south side that had once formed the line from State Street Yard (the original C&NW terminal in Chicago).  There is a former CTA bridge overhead (once used to connect the northwest line to the elevated trackage around the loop), two bridges over north-south streets, a signal bridge, two bridges over north-south streets, a signal bridge, crossovers, and a bridge over a north-south street.

At this point, the three former Milwaukee Road tracks from Chicago Union Station have come alongside to the south and run parallel to the former C&NW tracks. The former Milwaukee tracks turn west-northwest and cross the former C&NW tracks at grade at Western Avenue (MP 2.6)—the Milwaukee Road's Tower A2 on the north side—following which the east leg of a wye with the line south to Global I turns away to the southwest while the four track main line continues west. The speed limits at Western Avenue are 30 mph for trains continuing ahead, and 10 mph for those diverging.