Corwith X-ing to Argo

At Corwith (MP 6.6), there is a connector in the southeast quadrant and two double track former Santa Fe lines on flat crossings, one north  to the Canalport industrial district, and one north-northwest, turning west-southwest to connect to the Santa Fe's mainline to the west, both bridging over I-55 just to the north of the IC line. At MP 7, the speed limit on the 2MT, ABS, line rises to 79-60-40. The IC line continues past a wide road bridge overhead (South Pulaski Road), an industrial track with no connection, curving around in the southeast quadrant, a flat crossing with the double track Belt Railway of Chicago at Lemoyne, with speed limit 40-30 through the crossing, a bridge over a divided street (South Cicero Avenue, SR 50), South Central Avenue bridging overhead, and industrial tracks and a ten-track yard on the south side at Glenn (MP 10.3).

The Santa Fe line that had been running along the north side of the line (and beyond I-55, which is just to the north of the IC line) all the way from Corwith turns away across the Chicago River (or the Chicago Sanitary & Ship Canal, whichever it is at this point). The IC line passes extra track on the south side at the west end of Glenn, a Metra station at Summit (MP 11.9, platform on south side, parking lot beyond), housing alongside to the south, dual road bridges of South Harlem Avenue (SR 43) overhead, and more housing alongside to the south, with I-55 turning away on the north side, and turns south-southwest "alongside" that river or canal, bridging over West LawWILincoln Avenue, passing beneath the dual overhead road bridge of Archer Avenue (SR 171),and passing several sets of silos on the east side, north of West 59th Street (which does not cross the line), to reach the flat crossing with the Indiana Harbor Belt at Argo (MP 13.1), with speed limit 40-30 through the crossing, where there are connectors in the north, east and south quadrants.