Des Plaines to Robey Street Yard (Global 1)

The former B&O Chicago Terminal begins at an end-on junction with CN's former Wisconsin Central (originally the Soo Line) at Madison Street (MP 37.4) in Des Plaines/Forest Park, and heads just east of due south, double track, current-of-traffic (Rule D-251), Yard Limits, maximum speed 10 mph, curving around to just south of due east at a bridge over Desplaines Avenue (MP 36.7), where the erstwhile Chicago Great Western once trailed in from the west, and an erstwhile connection to the IC Iowa line once headed away south, and continues with the CTA Blue Line beginning alongside to the north, past a third track on the south side, bridges carrying Circle Avenue, Laramie Avenue and Horne Avenue overhead, and the end of the third track at Oak Park Avenue (MP 35.6).

There are bridges over Oak Park Avenue, East Avenue, Ridgeland Avenue, Lombard Avenue and Central Avenue (MP 34.1), where the CTA line moves away on the north side, there are crossovers, and the Chicago Transfer Yard begins on the south side, 48th Avenue (MP 32.7), at the east end of the yard, where there is a bridge over Cicaero Avenue and a connector to the Belt Railway of Chicago turns away southeast and the line turns east, a bridge carrying the BRC overhead, 46th Avenue (MP 32.3), bridges over Independence Avenue, Washington Avenue, and Central Park Avenue, Springfield Avenue (MP 31.9), bridges over Spaulding Avenue, Kedzie Avenue S. Albany Avenue, Sacramento Avenue, Francisco Avenue (where there is a signal), California Avenue, Fairfiled Avenue and Washtenaw Avenue. 

The line turns south and reducing to single track, with the double track former Chicago & Northwestern line from Kedzie and the route of the erstwhile PRR Panhandle line from Tower A2 alongside to the east, past a bridge over Roosevelt Road, crossovers with the UP line to the east, and a bridge over Ogden Avenue, to Rockwell Street (MP 29.8), end-on junction with the Blue Island sub., and the north apex of the wye on the east side into the former Wood Street Yard (now UP's Global I West), with a double track connection along the south side of that yard to the former Robey Street Yard (now UP's Global I East), that once served as the B&OCT's central Chicago Yard and locomotive terminal, where an erstwhile line continues east to Grand Central Station.