Englewood to Gresham

At Englewood Tower (MP 6.7), with former New York Central trackage on the east side, the New York Central passenger line once curved away southeast on the north side of the double-track former PRR line south from Chicago Union Station, which crosses the Metra line on the flat, there is a bridge over an east-west street on the north side of the erstwhile Englewood Union Station that used to be located here, with platforms serving NYC, PRR, and Rock Island lines, and a southeast to south-southwest curve still connects the former PRR and Metra lines.

The Metra line continues south-southwest, bridging (on a deck bridge) over the CTA Red Line in the median of the Dan Ryan Expressway (I-94), past Normal Park, Hamilton Park, and Auburn Park, including a bridge over a north-south street and eight bridges over east-west streets, and bridging over the northwest-to-southeast  single-track former-C&EI, on the northeast side, and double-track BRC line, on the southwest side running adjacent to one another, passing a signal bridge, two bridges over east-west streets, and a through girder bridge over a north-south street, north of  the Metra station (asphalt island, facilities below) at Gresham (MP 9.8).