Eola to Walker/Joliet

From the 5,100 ft. west-side siding at Eola (MP 22.6 to MP 21.6), with a northwest quadrant connector to the former Burlington main line off the siding, a bridge over that line, and a southwest quadrant connector from that line, onto the 1,900 ft. west-side East Siding, from MP 21.1 to MP 20.6, the line continues, just west of due south, single track, Track Warrant Control, Automatic Block Signals, maximum speed 45 mph, with 20 mph restrictions through turnouts, past Frontenac, the 5,400 ft. east-side siding, from West Normantown (MP 16.1) to East Normantown (MP 14.7), the former junction with the erstwhile line from Aurora on the west side at Normantown (MP 13.0), where the line turns south-southeast, and the 9,500 ft. Walker siding, from MP 12.4, past a crossover at MP 11.8, to Walker (MP 10.9), where the Illinois River Line departs southward from the south end of the siding, as the line turns southeast.

There is a spring switch with an east-facing south-side spur at IRL (MP 9.8), Plainfield (MP 9.42), a west-facing south-side spur at Gravel Pit (MP 8.40), Coynes (MP 6.0), the end of TWC/ABS and start of CTC and a 9,500 ft. south-side siding at Turner (MP 5.5), a turn east, the end of the siding and  junction with spurs north to the State Prison and south to Rockdale at Rockdale Junction (MP 3.3), start of a 9,210 ft. south-side siding that is continuous with the previous siding, Spragues (MP 2.7), where the line turns southeast again, the junction with the line coming south along the Des Plaines River at Phoenix Line (MP 2.4), a crossover at Bridge Junction (MP 2.3), and a crossover the other way at Bridge Junction (MP 2.2).

The 9,210 ft. siding ends at MP 1.8. and the line passes a junction (southwest quadrant connector) with the former Santa Fe at Bridge 198 (MP 1.7), srart of a bridge over the Des Plaines River, the former Santa Fe, and the IC Joliet line, and turns south, past the start of Yard Limits at East Joliet Yard (MP 0.0), where there are connectors to the west, south of which the line is paralled on the west side by the East End Lead, past the northeast quadrant connector and flat crossings with the multi-track Metra Rock Island Line at The Rock (MP 0.8), a crossover at MP 0.9, and the start of Track Warrant Control, Automatic Block Signals, but still in Yard Limits, at MP 1.1.