Franklin Park to Leithton

At Tower B12 (MP 12.7 on the Milwaukee line), the lines curving away on the north side of the Milwaukee West Line join the single track CN (former Wisconsin Central) line that crosses on the flat, south-north, at its Franklin Park (MP 15.3), with the connector trailing in on the east side, and the line heads just west of due north, single track, Yard Limits, with overall speed limit 50 mph, but local speed restriction 20 mph, past the yard on the east side of the line at Schiller Yard (MP 17.0), a bridge over the expressway and CTA line to O-Hare Airport, the Metra O'Hare Airport station, which has a shuttle bus to O’Hare Airport, Junction 20 (MP 19.9), where CTC, ABS starts, and the freight speed restriction rises to 40 mph, Orchard Place, River View, the Metra station at Des Plaines (MP 22.8),  and the flat crossings with the triple-track UP Northwest Line, and with a former C&NW freight line, at Deval (MP 23.7), with freight speed restriction 30 mph over the crossings, after which full line speeds prevail.

There is a spur on the west side just north of Deval, Feehanville, the Metra station at Prospect Heights, McKinley (MP 28.0), where Two Main Tracks, CTC, start (25 mph on the turnout and a freight speed restriction of 25 mph on Track 2 (the east track)), a spur on the west side for Hogan Farwell (MP 29.9), with a 5 mph speed restriction, the Metra station at Wheeling (MP 29.9), where single track, CTC, resumes (25 mph on the turnout), the Metra station at Buffalo Grove, an industrial spur on the east side, the Metra station at Prairie View (MP 34.4), a detector at MP 34.8, the Metra station at Vernon Hills, and the flat crossing, and connectors in the southwest and northwest quadrants, with the EJ&E at Leithton  (MP 38.0).