Hammond-Whiting to CP 501 and Pine Jct.

From Amtrak's Hammond-Whiting station (MP 507.0) with a portable depot on the north side, where the speed limit is 55-50, the Double Track line continues southeast, past an old signal bridge overhead, to CP 506 (MP 506.5), where it swings over to take up the right-of-way of the former NYC, with settling ponds on the north side, leaving the continuing r-o-w of the former PRR void of track. The speed limit is 30 mph over the deviation and as far as CP 505, past the former NYC Whiting Yard (MP 506.0) on the south side, crossovers at CP 505 (MP 505.9), with searchlight signals on poles, where the speed limit rises to 55-50, a grade crossing, detectors at MP 505.5, a grade crossing, and double track on the north side belonging to CSX (ex-B&O).

East of the Indiana state line, the landscape is devoted largely to large steel mills along the southern shore of Lake Michigan, along with many rail yards devoted to serving these industries. The huge Inland Steel Mill is built on fill out into Lake Michigan, on the north side of the ex-B&O and EJ&E lines that run parallel to the former NYC at this point, extending east of the east end of Whiting Yard, past Intermediate Signals at MP 504, a road bridge curving overhead, a through girder bridge overhead, a pipeline bridge overhead, the through truss movable bridge over a channel at Hick (MP 503.4), where a connector to the IHB departs on the southwest side of the line east of the bridge, a pipeline bridge overhead, another part of the Inland Steel Mill on the north side, east of the channel at Hick, a wide road bridge overhead, dual road bridges overhead, a bridge over a road, and Indiana Harbor (MP 502.9), where the ex-B&O trails back in from the northwest, to crossovers at CP 502 (MP 502.8), where there is a flat crossing with the Indian Harbor Belt line coming southwest out of the steel mill.

EJ&E's Lake Front Yard is now to the north of the line, with Lake Michigan beyond it, and the ex-NYC and ex-B&O lines are operated as a four track main line, past Intermediate Signals at MP 502, all the way to CP 501 (MP 501.0), where there are crossovers, the ex-B&O splits off along the south side of the line, and a connector heads south to the line now occupying the former PRR right-of-way at Buffington. The ex-NYC and ex-B&O line turns east-southeast and pass under the EJ&E's through girder elevated structure carrying that line southwest, and then past Intermediate Signals at MP 499 and a grade crossing, to Pine Junction (MP 498.1), where the B&OCT trails into both the ex-B&O and ex-NYC from the west.