Harvey to Thornton Junction

From the connection from the B&OCT trailing in on the northeast side at CSX Junction (MP 22.6), grade crossings with 15oth Street, Center Street and Broadway Street, and the bridge carrying the four tracks of the Metra Electric and Illinois Central Main Line overhead at Harvey (MP 23.2), with connectors in the southwest (west of the bridge, at MP 23), followed by a grade crossing with Park Avenue before the bridge, northeast, followed by grade crossings with Halsted Street and 155th Street, and southeast quadrants, each with a crossover at the double track, the line continues southeast, Two Main Tracks, CTC, maximum speed 65 mph for passenger trains, 60 mph for intermodal trains, and 55 mph for freight trains, past the B&OCT splitting off on the southwest side, a grade crossing with Vincennes Avenue (Blue Island Road), MP 24, a grade crossing with 159th Street (US 6), a bridge over Indiana Avenue, and the flat crossing with teh double track UP (former C&EI) main line, with northeast quadrant connector, at Thornton Junction (MP 25.2).

The southerly connectors at Harvey connect to the Illinois Central Markham Yard. After 1999, the southeast quaadrant connector, in particular, provides a major connection between two Canadian National routes.