Hayford to Blue Island

From the flat crossing (50 mph on the crossing) with the four Belt Railway of Chicago tracks, and southwest quadrant connector (15 mph on the connector) (to Clearing Yard), at Hayford (MP 11.8), the line heads south, double track, Automatic Block Signals, maximum speed 65 mph for passenger trains, 60 mph for intermodal trains, and 55 mph for freight trains, past MP 12, a grade crossing with 79th Street, signals for the flat crossing, a grade crossing with Southwest Highway, the remote-controlled (NS) flat crossing with the two-track Metra Southwest Line (former Wabash) at Ashburn (MP 12.8), a grade crossing with 83rd Street, signals for the flat crossing, MP 13, a grade crossing with 87th Street, Sainte Maria, a turn to the south-southeast, a grade crossing with 91st Street, Evergreen Park, and Intermediate Signals at MP 14.0.

There are grade crossings with 94th Street, Kedzie Avenue, and 95th Street, a turn south again at MP 15, grade crossings with 99th Street and 103rd Street, Tracy Avenue, Intermediate Signals at MP 15.5 and MP 16.0,Mount Greenwood, a grade crossing with 111th Street, MP 17, a grade crossing with 115th Street, Intermediate Signals at MP 17.1, Merrionette Park, a grade crossing with 119th Street, Intermediate Signals at MP 18.0, Oakhill, a grade crossing with 123rd Street, a turn south-southeast again, Intermediate Signals at MP 18.7, Wireton, a grade crossing with 127th Street/Burr Oak Avenue, a grade crossing with Union Street, and a turn to the south at MP 19, with the B&O Chicago terminal's double track alongside to the east.

The line bridges over Vermont Street, and passes a 45 mph speed restriction, from MP 19.1 to MP 20.8, signals at Blue Island (MP 19.3), a through-truss bridge over the Calumet Channel, with similar bridges for the B&OCT to the east and for the IHB to the west, the manual (but signaled) flat crossing with the two-track Indiana Harbor Belt at MP 19.5, a grade crossing  with Broadway Street, and  the southwest quadrant connector from the IHB, and crossover, at Broadway (MP 19.5), where CTC starts and the north lead for the Blue Island yard splits away to the west.