Ivanhoe to Porter

From the end-on junction with the Indiana Harbor Belt at Ivanhoe (MP 259.5), where that line crosses (on the flat) and connects with the Elgin, Joliet & Eastern, the former Michigan Central heads just south of due east, double track, current-of-traffic (Rule 251), Automatic Block Signals, maximum speed 40 mph, past the former flat crossing with the erstwhile PRR Fort Wayne Line at CP Tolleston (MP 256.4), where the line becomes single track, CTC, and Gary (MP 255.1), where there is an east-facing spur on the north side, turning southeast, and then east-northeast, with a 35 mph speed restriction over road crossings, from MP 251.9 to MP 248.7, past East Gary (MP 249.9), where an erstwhile line from Griffith and Joliet once trailed in on the south side, the flat crossing with the B&O main line and former flat crossing with the erstwhile Wabash at Willow Creek (MP 246.7), CP 243 (MP 243.5), where double track starts, and the flat crossing with northwest and southeast quadrant connectors with the Water-level Route (30 mph on the SE connector) at CP 482 (MP 240.7).