Skokie Junction (KO) to St. Francis (Milwaukee)

From Skokie Junction/KO (MP 29.7), where the line reduces to single track and the branch to Lake Bluff splits off on the east side, the main line heads just west of due north, Track Warrant Control, Automatic Block Signals, maximum speed 50 mph, past the flat crossing (30 mph on the crossing), with northeast quadrant connector, with the EJ&E at Upton (MP 31.9), two south-facing industrial spurs on the west side, a north-facing industrial spur on the west side, and a south-facing one on the east side, Park City (MP 35.7), where there is a 30 mph speed restriction, Gurnee (MP 38.2), where there is a 30 mph speed restriction, a turn to the north, Eddy, a detector at MP 44.2, the border between Illinois and Wisconsin, a spur at Pleasant Prairie (MP 49.9), and the 12,672 ft. siding (10 mph on the siding) at Bain (MP 51.7), where there was once a flat crossing with an erstwhile C&NW line, and the line turns just east of due north.

There is a spur at Waxdale (MP 61.2), a former crossing with an erstwhile Milwaukee line, a detector at MP 63.2, the 9,915 ft. siding (10 mph on the siding) at Kay (MP 65.5), where the line turns north again, Ryan Tower, where there was once a crossing with the erstwhile North Shore line, Airport (MP 76.6), where the maximum speed drops to 40 mph and a second track starts (30 mph), and The Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light Company interurban once came alongside to the east, Layton Avenue, where the TMERL once crossed at an angle, a former bridge that once carried a TMERL line overhead, the end of the second track at MP 79.5, where a 30 mph speed restriction starts, and the junction at St. Francis (MP 80.1), where the former C&NW North Line trails in on the east side, the main line turns west, to head for Butler, and there is a wye on the northeast side of the turn with a line north-northwest to Marsh Yard that once continued into the C&NW's Milwaukee station and beyond.