Broadview/LaGrange to McCook/Argo (Clearing Yard)

From the junction (northeast quadrant connector with the former Illinois Central Iowa line at Broadview (MP 33.9), and a bridge carrying the IC Iowa line overhead, the IHB heads south, double track, current-of-traffic (Rule 251), maximum speed 30mph, past a bridge carrying 22nd Street overhead, the West Pass ends on the east side, Intermediate Signals on a signal bridge at MP 32.1/2, a grade crossing with 21st Street, an extra track on the east side, a grade crossing with Harding Avenue, a crossover to that extra track to the east, where LaGrange Yard trails in, a grade crossing with Shawmut Avenue,  the junction (northeast (West Wye), off the extra track, which then ends, and southeast quadrant (East Wye) connectors) with the former CB&Q (which bridges overhead) at CP LaGrange (MP 31.0), where Two Main Tracks, CTC, resume and the maximum speed drops to 25 mph, with Ogden Avenue bridging overhead within the East Wye.

The line passes grade crossing with Lincoln Avenue and Cossitt Avenue, and turns southeast, past grade crossings with 47th Street and Superior Avenue, a crossver with the No. 21 Running Track to the west at Superior (MP 29.8), a signal bridge with Intermediate Signals at MP 29.1/.2, a north-facing spur with handthrow switch on Track 2 (to the west) for the EMD Plant #1 (La Grange), a north-facing spur on the east side for Reynold, a south-facing spur on the east side for Pielet Brothers scrap yard, a bridge carrying Joliet Road overhead, and crossovers where the Running Track ends, and the flat crossings with connectors in all four quadrants, with the double track former Santa Fe at McCook (MP 28.3).

There is a grade crossing with a private road, a bridge over the Des Plaines River, bridges carrying I-55 overhead, a bridge over the Metropolitan SAnitary District line, a bridge over the Chicago Sanitary Canal, the northwest quadrant connector (MP 27.8) and flat crossings with southeast and southwest quadrant connectors, with the double track IC Joliet line at CP Canal (MP 27.5), where an erstwhile IHB line once headed east, extra tracks to east and west called Old Yard and New Yard respectively, an IHB line (the double track Argo Industrial Track) from 55th Street (and formerly from 47th Street, with part of the route now taken by the CTA Orange Line, and from Corwith Yard) trailing in on the east side,, crossovers as the line bridges over Archer Avenue, and a wye junction on the east side, with the BRC to Clearing Yard., at CP Argo (MP 27.5/26.8)), where the line turns south again.