Pine Junction to Porter

From Pine Junction (MP 498.1), where the B&OCT trails into both the ex-B&O and ex-NYC from the west, the ex-NYC line continues east-southeast, with the ex-B&O Curtis Yard beyond its line on the south side, at the east end of which is a connector and crossovers over to the ex-NYC at CP 497 (MP 497.1), with the EJ&E Kirk Yard on the north side of the line at this point. The four lines (EJ&E, ex-NYC, ex-B&O, and EJ&E again on the south side) pass four bridges over streets, bridge over the Grand Calumet River and pass the remains of Gary Union Station (MP 496.0) (in between two sets of tracks), with the United States Steel (USX) Gary Mill on the north side of the lines, which now spread out with the ex-NYC turning due east.

From CP 501 east, the speed limit on the ex-NYC double track line is 70 mph for passenger rains, 70 mph for the fastest intermodals, 60 for slower intermodals, and 50 for general freight trains. An IHB line once bridged overhead on a through girder bridge (still extant) while the line is still alongside the USX Gary Mill and then ran alongside to the north. The ex-NYC passes Intermediate Signals at MP 495.x,  Millers, turns east-northeast with a wooded area to the north, past Intermediate Signals at MP 492.x, two bridges over roads, derelict land to the north, crossovers at CP 491 (MP 491.0), where the South Shore line comes alongside to the south, the former tower at Burns Harbor (MP 490.1), where there are detectors, a grade crossing, more derelict land to the north, a grade crossing, Intermediate Signals at MP 489.x, a bridge over a stream, a road bridge overhead, some National Steel sidings on the north side of the crossovers at CP 487 (MP 487.1), where the lines turn east, Wilson, a spur trailing in from industry to the north, a road bridge overhead, and sidings (eight tracks a distance away and two adjacent to the north side of the line) at Burns Harbor (Intermediate Signals, MP 485.7), where the Bethlehem Steel plant (now Arcelor Mittal) is on the north side of the lines there is a pipeline bridge overhead, there is extra track on the north side at the east end of the sidings and Intermediate Signals at MP 484.x.

The South Shore line bridges (through girder bridge over the ex-NYC just east of Burns Harbor, as the latter jogs southeast and resumes its easterly heading pasta street alongside to the north, dual road bridges overhead, a bridge over a stream, MP 484 with wasteland on the north side, crossovers and signal bridges at CP 483 (MP 483.5), a bridge over a road, a grade crossing, and a wide highway bridge overhead, to the junction at Porter/CP 482 (MP 482.2), where the erstwhile Michigan Central line heads away northeast, with a flat crossing as well as the northwest quadrant connector, there is a grade crossing, and the erstwhile Pere Marquette line also turns away east-northeast and then northeast, east of the MC line, with a grade crossing just east of the junction and a signal bridge east of that..

The industrialized area ends at Porter Junction, just to the southwest of Michigan City.