Proviso Yard to Bryn Mawr

From Proviso Yard (MP 0.0), Yards 4 (15 track) and 5 (66-track), past crossings with Lake Street and North Avenue and the 30-track Yard 9, west of the line, the former C&NW heads north, double track, current-of-traffic, Automatic Block Signals, Yard Limits, maximum speed 50 mph, past crossovers at Grand Avenue (MP 2.6), where there is a crossing with the eponymous street, a bridge over the former Milwaukee Bensenville Yard, a turn northwest to avoid O'Hare Airport, where the erstwhile C&NW once continued north, a location where the erstwhile Milwaukee once crossed before it too was diverted away from O'Hare Airport, a turn north again, with the current former Milwaukee line alongside to the west, the end of Yard Limits at MP 7.2, and the junction with that former Milwaukee line, trailing in on the west side, at Bryn Mawr (MP 7.4).