Railport Yard/47th Street to Elsdon

The north end of the Canadian national (GTW) track is the west leg of the wye across the west end of the Norfolk Southern (former Conrail) Ashland Avenue Yard, connecting across the southwest apex of that wye into the GTW yard at Railport (MP 5.9), maximum speed 5 mph, a yard with five dual-ended tracks and two south-facing stub-end tracks to the east of the NS (ex-CR) and CSX (B&OCT) north-south tracks south of the bridge over 43rd Street.

The line bridges over 47th Street, and then curves southeast, south, southwest as it climbs up on a trestle, with an NS track to its west, and then turns west, bridging over the two CSX and single NS tracks that continue south, at the point where the erstwhile GTW passenger track from the junction with the C&WI at 47th Street, once came west, along the south side of an erstwhile Indiana Harbor Belt track,  past Halsted Avenue, Racine Avenue, and Ashland Avenue, to trail into the south side of the present line, where the present-day CTA Orange Line comes alongside to the north on its elevated structre (which had been alongside the CSX tracks to the west before the curve).

There is a connector on the north side, west to the NS track heading west, where that erstwhile IHB track once trailed in from the east, a connector back from the NS track at MP 7, a bridge over Western Avenue, another crossover from the NS, a bridge over California Avenue, an east-facng spur on the south side to Central Steel at MP 8, a bridge over Kedzie Avenue, an Industry Lead (aka the north end of the Elsdon siding) beginning on the south side, crossovers both ways with the NS track, and a curve around to the south to the 5,280 ft. siding at Esldon (MP 8.8), where the single track Corwoith lead from the former Santa Fe Corwith Yard, trails in from the north on the west side.