Root Street Tower to Englewood

At Root Street Tower (MP 3.9), on the east side of the line there is a large wye on the west side connecting with the former Chicago Junction tracks west to the yard at Ashland Avenue, and the former location of a flat crossing (in the center of the wye) with an erstwhile Rock Island track to the east (which once connected with the Illinois Central main near 39th Street), while the main line continues south, past the former location of the NYC Root Street Yard on the east side of the line, two bridges over east-west streets, a signal bridge, crossovers, the Metra 47th Street Maintenance Facility (MP 4.6), mostly on the west side of the line, but partly on the east side, with a single track under construction on the far east side, a signal bridge, a bridge over an east-west street, a bridge over a divided east-west street, a bridge over an east-west street, a bridge over an east-west street just north of the steel viaduct carrying the Ashland branch of the CTA Green Line overhead, and three bridges over east-west streets.

The line turns south-southwest at 61st Street (MP 6.4), where the former Conrail Park Manor Yard (now only a trailer lift) starts on the east side, and crosses the double-track former PRR line south from Chicago Union Station on the flat at Englewood Tower (MP 6.7), where the New York Central passenger line once curved away southeast on the north side of the former PRR line, the Englewood Union Station used to be located with platforms serving NYC, PRR, and Rock Island lines, and a southeast to south-southwest curve still connects the former PRR and Metra lines.