Sheridan to South Bend

From Sheridan (MP 54.2), where the second track on the north side ends, a branch heads north, across the road to the north side, to a power plant on the lake shore and a connection with the former Michigan Central line now used by Amtrak, while the main line turns east-northeast again, past signals at the east end of Sheridan, a grade crossing, the west end of street running (in 10th Street), Willard Avenue, five grade crossings in the street running, signals at the east end of this segment of street running, a flat crossing with that former Michigan Central line, a grade crossing, and passing through the streets of Michigan City again (on 11th Street), past six grade crossings, the closed former passenger depot building on the north side of the street, the passenger station with shelter on the north side of the street at 11th Street–Michigan City (MP 55.9), nine more grade crossings in the street running, a grade crossing at the east end of street running, and a grade crossing.

The line turns east, with Holliday Street on the north side, past a grade crossing with Michigan Boulevard, a grade crossing with Grove Street, two grade crossings, a grade crossing at Calumet, a grade crossing, a grade crossing at the angled flat crossing and northeast quadrant connector with the former Lake Erie & Western (now NS) to the passenger station with south side platform at Carroll Avenue (MP 57.4), with a second platform between two of the three tracks at this point, and office building (with station facilities), plus second office building on the south side of the line and the Michigan City Shops, where the shops themselves have a building with tracks at its east end only, a road bridge overhead, a second shop building, and five shop tracks on the north side of the line, and there is a platform. Many passenger trains run only between Michigan City and Chicago.

The line continues east, past an east-facing extra track at a loading platform for tank cars on the south side, a wooded area, a bridge over a stream, and a grade crossing, passing beneath the former Pere Marquette line heading for the west coast of Michigan, and then angling east-northeast and east again, into open countryside past a golf course to the south, a spur curving away on the north side, signals,  Davis (MP 59.6), a grade crossing, a road bridge overhead, extra track on the south side, Springville, a wide road bridge overhead (I-94?), three grade crossings among corn fields, a bridge over drainage, a bridge over a road,  Andry (MP 63.3), two grade crossings, an erstwhile bridge over an erstwhile Pere Marquette line, a road bridge overhead, two bridges over roads, a grade crossing, La Lumiere, a siding on the south side, dual road bridges overhead (I-94?), a grade crossing, Tea Lake, Smith (MP 67.9), additional non-electrified track on the south side, the east end of the siding on the south side, and Birchim (MP 71.3).

There is a grade crossing, a road bridge overhead, a lake to the north, a pond to the south, signal "165", a closed passenger station at Lake Park (MP 74.1), the passenger station at Hudson Lake (MP 74.7), where the former NYC Chicago line comes alongside to the south, a bridge over a road, three grade crossings, a spur from an industry to the north trailing in, a spur on the south side into a petrochemical facility, a grade crossing at that facility, the south side siding at the former passenger station at  New Carlisle (MP 76.3), with a grade crossing in the siding, two grade crossings, a bridge over a stream, Olive (MP 79.5), four grade crossings, a former flat crossing with an erstwhile Michigan Central branch, Lydick, extra track to the north (with coal cars), Chain Lakes, a street alongside to the north, "Grand View", Fisher (MP 84.5), and Bendix (MP 87.6), where the line used to continue straight ahead, alongside the former NYC, as far as the current Amtrak station in South Bend, and then diverge from the NYC to a terminal in the center of South Bend.

The current line diverges on the north side of the former route, running on the north side of a street through the city streets of South Bend, past a grade crossing in the street running,  and then turns north, still in the streets, making a grade crossing to the east side of a north-south street, five grade crossings, a grade crossing at the driveway of a sand company with a stuffed-and-mounted critter to the east, a grade crossing at a driveway, and a short extra track to the west, to Cummins (MP 88.9), turning across the road with a grade crossing and heading west, past two grade crossing on the airport property and signals at "BS" to the South Bend Station (MP 89.9), with platform and umbrella shed between two stub-end tracks at the Michiana Airport, and South Bend Terminal (MP 90.0), just west of the station.