South Wye Junction to BRC Connections

At the signals at South Wye Junction (MP 1.2), there was once a wye between the line coming south from (Illinois) Central Station and the still-extant St. Charles Air Line coming from the west. Today's line turns south-southeast, passing beneath the 18th Street pedestrian bridge and along the west side of Metra's 18th Street Yard for the electric commuter trains, under the exhibition buildigns at McCormick Place, within which it bridges over the Metra Electric line (formerly the IC suburban electric line) to attain its east side. The speed limit on the now double track line is 10 mph north of MP 3.0, 60-40 between MP 3.0 and 4.0, and 65-50 south of MP 4.0, past 23rd Street bridging overhead. There was once an IC yard on the east side of the line at 27th Street, and still is a road bridge overhead carrying 31st Street, an interchange yard on the east side of the line south of 31st Street, catenary support bridges for the Metra Electric catenary spanning this line also, a bridge over Oakwood Boulevard, signals and a crossover at 39th Street, a bridge over 43rd Street and a bridge over 47th Street.

Between 47th Street and 51st Street, the lines turn south-southwest, past a bridge over 51st Street, a bridge voer 53rd Street, Intermediate Signals, bridges over 55th Street, 56th Street, 57th Street, 59th Street, 60th Street, 63rd Street, where the CTA Elevated line to Jackson Park once bridged overhead (and today is truncated at University), 64th Street, 65th Street, Marquette Road, and 67th Street. There are crossovers at 67th Street (MP 8.1), and the main line bridges over the Metra Electric branch east to South Chicago, and then over 71st Street, 72nd Street, 73rd Street, 75th Street and South Chicago Avenue.

The ex-NYC alignment and ex-PRR tracks bridge overhead at 75th Street, as the line bridges over 76th Street, an angled abandoned NS line bridges overhead at the north end of the two-track IC Fordham Yard on the east side of the line (between 75th Street and 91st Street), bridging over 82nd Street, 83rd Street, 87th Street, six extra tracks on the east side of the two 'Thoroughfares', a bridge over 91st Street, a bridge over 93rd Street, and the Belt Railway of Chicago and former C&WI bridge overhead, with connectors in the northeast and southeast quadrants, between 91st Street and 95th Street.