Bryn Mawr/Tower B17 to Saeger/Norma/Deval

From the junction with that former Milwaukee line, trailing in on the west side, at Bryn Mawr (MP 7.4), the former C&NW heads north, double track, current-of-traffic, Automatic Block Signals, maximum speed 50 mph, past a crossover, a turn north-northeast, a north-facing spur from industrial tracks to the west and a south-facing spur on the east side, at Elk Grove (MP 7.8), a north-facing spur on the west side and a north-facing spur from industrial tracks on the original line on the east side, as the line turns north to rejoin the original routing, with a crossover, a north-facing spur on the west side, a crossover and the southwest quadrant connection to the former C&NW at Saeger, from Norma (MP 10.9), where there is a 10 mph speed restriction and the line turns northeast, the flat crossings (30 mph from MP 11.9 to MP 12.3), with northwest quadrant connector, with the triple-track former C&NW Northwest Line, with tower in the northeast corner, and the flat crossing, with the CN (former Wisconsin Central, original Soo Line) North Central Line, at Deval Tower (MP 12.0), where there is a northeast quadrant connector.