CT Junction to Winton Place

CT Junction (MP 0.9), up on the steelwork viaduct west-northwest of the C&O bridge, below the highway ramps on the north side of the Brent Spence Bridge carrying I-75 across the Ohio River, is the junction where the freight route into Queensgate Yard departs on the north side of the line and descends towards flood plain level at B&O Junction, while the ex-C&O double track main line continues on the steel viaduct, with speed limit 40 mph, turning north and crossing above the freight line to Tower A (MP 1.9), a flat crossing with connectors where the former CNO&TP (Norfolk Southern) line trails in from the south-southwest, the line into the NS Gest Street Yard heads north-northwest, and the line to the CSX Queensgate Yard heads north-northeast, past the rump of Cincinnati Union Terminal, with its single remaining platform on the east side of the line, where it turns north, past the CSX Intermodal Ramp on the east side, where the CUT locomotive and carriage facilities once were, to the north end of the NS Gest Street Yard, and past the south end of CSXs huge Queensgate Yard on the west side of the line.

The double track main line continues north-northeast, under the Western Hills Viaduct, north-northwest past the Hopple Street viaduct overhead, the switches at Hopple Street (MP 4.0), where the switches were added to the CTC in 2004 and there is an extra track on the west side, with a cantilever signal bridge for the two main tracks and a standalone signal post for the third track, all north-facing, north to the crossovers at Colerain Interlocking (MP 5.0), at the north end of Queensgate Yard (an interlocking which replaced RH Tower and its B&O-style Color Position Light signals in 2004), where the speed limit falls to 35 mph, and then around to the north-northeast, over Spring Grove Avenue, under the ramps of the I-74 connections into I-75, onto the east bank of Mill Creek, and under the concrete road bridge carrying Ludlow Avenue, turning east-northeast, along the Mill Creek, in a wooded area, with I-75 up the hillside to the south, bridging over Mill Creek at an angle and then over the north end of Clifton Avenue.

At Winton Place (MP 6.7), where the line bridges over West Mitchell Avenue, the late-1960s connector to the former Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton line on the northwest side of the Mill Creek departs to the northeast, leaving the ex-New York Central line to Sharonville and the north and the ex-B&O main line to the east.