Cincinnati Union Terminal

The operational part of Cincinnati Union Terminal of the 1990s and 2000s comprises a single double-ended spur track off the east side of CSX Main Tracks 1 & 2, extending about half a mile, south of the CSX Intermodal Yard, and north of Tower A, with a platform on the east side of that track. Since no Amtrak trains originate or terminate in Cincinnati, there are no current equivalents of the carriage sidings and locomotive depot that used to occupy the land now taken up by that intermodal terminal.

The art deco terminal itself is now largely a museum, but Amtrak has facilities in one corner of the building and uses a single platform behind it. The former concourse extending over the erstwhile multiple platform was removed decades ago, to make room for the NS Pig Yard on the east side of its Gest Street Yard, and the murals it contained were transferred to the original terminal building at Greater Cincinnati Airport. Where that concourse was, there is just a blank wall, today.