East Norwood to Clare

From East Norwood (MP 11.1), where a connector was built from the former B&O line for the former PRR when Union Station opened, heading northeast to connect to PRR's former Chicago line access from its original downtown station at the east end of downtown, now owned or operated by Norfolk Southern and/or Indiana & Ohio Railway, and used to connect to the original N&W line heading east from the city, the single track, Automatic Block Signals, Traffic Control line, maximum speed 25 mph,  heads past, West Norwood (MP 10.6), where there is a wye, with the west leg heading fro the former PRR Chicago line (used by NS beyond Mill) and the east leg heading for West Oakley (MP10.2) on the original PRR line,  where it is heading east, curving gradually around to the southeast, past Madisonville, where the former B&O line to hte east bridges overhead, and then turning south.

At Valley (MP 7.5/112.3), the original Norfolk & Western line bridges overhead, and there is then a wye, with the west leg heading for Undercliff Yard on the original PRR line to downtown, by means of the south apex at Rendcomb Junction, and the east leg curving around to the start of double track (10 mph on Track 1) at Red Bank (MP 111.9), where the third leg of the wye trails in from the southwest and the line heads east-northeast, along the south side of the former Norfolk & Western Clare Yard, to the resumption of single track at Clare (MP 110.7), where there was once a junction at which the original PRR line continued just north of due east, beneath a bridge carrying the Norfolk & Western overhead, and today's line forms a connector between the former PRR and former N&W in the southwest quadrant, turning onto the former N&W heading just east of due south (10 mph on the switch).