East Norwood to Midland City

From East Norwood (MP 10.6), where a connector was built for the former PRR when Union Station opened, heading northeast to connect to PRR's former Chicago line access from its original downtown station at the east end of downtown, now owned or operated by Norfolk Southern and/or Indiana & Ohio Railway, and used to connect to the original N&W line heading east from the city, the former B&O line heads just south of due east, Double Track, current-of-traffic (Rule D-251), Yard Limits, maximum speed 40 mph, past the erstwhile Oakley Yard on the north side, turning just north of due east past Oakley (MP 11.9), a bridge over the former PRR now used by Norfolk Southern, the end of Yard Limits at MP 12.4 and Madisonville (MP 13.5).

The line turns just east of due north, east-northeast, northeast, east-northeast again past the 3,170 ft. south side siding at Madeira (MP 17.0), curvily northeast past the start of single track, CTC, at Remington (MP 19.7), Miami Grove, a 35 mph speed restriction from MP 21.7 to MP 22.1, Symmes, and Twightwee, turning east, with a 25 mph speed restriction from MP 24.6 to MP 25.0, past Loveland (MP 24.8) and O'Bannon (MP 25.3), south-southeast, southeast, northeast past Hills and Cozaddale (MP 31.1), and just north of due east, past Pleasant Plain (MP 34.2), Windsor, a detector at "Blanchester" (MP 38.5), a 30 mph speed restriction from MP 40.2 to MP 40.8, Blanchester (MP 40.5), where an erstwhile branch to Hillsboro once headed southeast, the start of Two Main Tracks, CTC, at BN Junction (MP 41.8), Midland City (MP 44.7), where there is a grade crossing with SR 68,  the former B&O line to Baltimore, now owned by the Indiana & Ohio Central, continues ahead, and the CSX line to Columbus turns away northeast.