KC Junction to Latonia

At KC Junction (MP 2.8),  the former C&O main line makes a big turn around to the northeast, and, the former L&N line to Latonia continues southward, Double Track, current-of-traffic (Rule D-251, maximum speed 20 mph, past the location of former yard tracks on the west side, a grade crossing at W 17th Street, a road bridge overhead, a grade crossing, a spur to the west, a loop line to the west around a yard in the west side, a grade crossing, Latonia Tunnel, a grade crossing with DeCoursey Avenue, a grade crossing, the former location of the junction with the Louisville line, a segment of which has been removed, a grade crossing with E 33rd Street, and Latonia (MP 3.9), where there is a crossover, a wye on the west side (10 mph on the north leg, 15 mph on the south leg) with the single track line to Louisville, the location of the erstwhile flat crossings with the line from the L&N Bridge (and NX Tower) to Louisville, the single track line from NX Cabin trailing in on the east side, a grade crossing with Grant Court, and crossovers (15 mph on the crossovers).