NX Cabin to Latonia

From NX Cabin (MP 108.6) on the former C&O, where the erstwhile line from the erstwhile L&N Bridge over the Ohio River once trailed in from the north, the former L&N line to Latonia and Louisville departs on the south side, single track, CTC, maximum speed 10 mph, heading west-southwest, on the south side of the former C&O, past a footbridge overhead and a road bridge overhead, the north side siding at Mahogany (MP 108.2), a turn to the south-southeast, past a bridge carrying Licking Pike overhead and a spur from Newport Steel trailing in on the west side, to come alongside the east bank of the Licking River, with Licking Pike alongside to the east.

The line turns south-southwest, with spurs heading off on the west side to more facilities of Newport Steel which now lie between the line and the Licking River on the west side, past the north side siding at Wilder (MP 106.5) and another spur to the northwest side curving around to the riverbank, a turn just south of due west, and a bridge over the Licking River, to Latonia (MP 105.6), where the line trails into the east side of the double track line from KC Cabin south to Corbin, but used to cross that line on the flat with two erstwhile tracks that connected with the line west to Louisville.