RH Tower to Storrs Junction

From RH Tower (MP 5.0), on the east side of the tracks, just about beneath the connecting ramps from I-75 to I-74, on the Cincinnati to Winton Place line the former B&O line to Storrs Junction heads away on the west side, single track (Main Track 3), CTC, Yard Limits, speed restriction 20 mph, heading southwest, on the west side of the north end of Queensgate Yard, turning south-southwest, along the east bank of the Mill Creek, with the Receiving Yard just to the east, south-southeast, passing beneath the Hopple Street viaduct, with a connector from the former Toledo line (now the Cincinnati Industrial Track) on the west side of the Mill Creek trailing in across a bridge over that creek, on the west side, south past the Hump Yard to the east, south-southeast beneath the Western Hills Viaduct,  still with the Mill Creek to the west, just west of due south and then south, just east of due south, and south again, all along the west side of the Receiving Yard and Departure Yard, and finally bridging over Gest Street at the south end of Queensgate Yard.

The line bridges over South Street to join the south end yard leads at Eighth Street (MP 1.8), where the speed restriction drops to 10 mph, past the bridge over the Eighth Street Viaduct, Cincinnati Junction, where the double track CSX Highline swings east, to head for the C&O Bridge, and the Oklahoma Track, which connects with the St. Louis line, crosses South Street, crosses the Cincinnati Industrial Track on the flat, and curves around to the west, bridging over the Mill Creek and the 6th Street Expressway as it does so, with the former connecting track from Cincinnati Union Terminal trailing in on the east side, and connecting to the former Big Four track which crosses on the flat at this point, before that line becomes double track and the CSX line becomes double track, current-of-traffic (Rule D-251), speed restriction 25 mph, at East End Storrs (MP 1.5), with both former Big Four (now Indiana & Ohio Railway) and CSX (former B&O) St. Louis line curving southwest, following the north bank of the Ohio River, past the former Amtrak Riverfront station (on the north side of the Big Four line) and Storrs (MP 1.6) to Storrs Junction (MP 2.5), where there are connections between the two lines, with River Road along the north side of both track formations.