Winton Place to East Norwood

At Winton Place (MP 6.7), where the line bridges over West Mitchell Avenue, the late-1960s single-track connector to the former Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton line on the northwest side of the Mill Creek departs to the northeast, leaving the ex-New York Central line to Sharonville and the north and the ex-B&O main line to the east, heading jointly east-northeast, past crossovers, and bridging over the Mill Creek to the junction at NA Tower (Ivorydale Junction, MP 7.5), on the north/west side of I-75, where the former Big Four heads northeast, on the west side, and the former B&O turns just north of due east, with the closed tower building on the south side, single track for a moment (the junction was once a double-track junction), and then double track, current-of-traffic (Rule D-251), still Yard Limits, maximum speed 40 mph (up from 35 mph).

There are spurs on the north side serving Miami Margarine, the Proctor & Gamble Distribution Center, Markowitz Scrap Metal and MC Specialties, the old depot on the south side at St. Bernard (MP 7.8), a bridge over I-75 as the line is heading east, and then just south of due east, past a former Norfolk & Western line coming alongside to the north and crossovers at Bond Hill (MP 8.8), the ex-N&W line trailing in on the north side, a bridge over Paddock Road, the former N&W departing on the south side for Hyde Park, a bridge over Reading Road, an Interstate-highway connector alongside to the north, a bridge over Montgomery Road, Norwood (MP 9.9), a location where the erstwhile former-PRR (Lebanon) line from Court Street station once crossed on the flat from the southwest, the current version of that line, now owned by Indiana & Ohio Railway turns northeast, and East Norwood (MP 10.6), where a connector was built for the former PRR when Union Station opened, heading northeast to connect to PRR's former Chicago line access from its original downtown station at the east end of downtown, now owned or operated by Norfolk Southern and/or Indiana & Ohio Railway, and used to connect to the original N&W line heading east from the city.