Winton Place to Evendale

At Winton Place (MP 6.7), where the line bridges over West Mitchell Avenue, the late-1960s single-track connector to the former Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton line on the northwest side of the Mill Creek departs to the northeast, leaving the ex-New York Central line to Sharonville and the north and the ex-B&O main line to the east, heading jointly east-northeast, past crossovers, and bridging over the Mill Creek to the junction at NA Tower (MP 255.0), on the north/west side of I-75, where the former B&O single track leaves on the west side of the double track, current-of-traffic (Rule 251), maximum speed 40 mph, former NYC, which heads northeast, past a grade crossing with Beech Street, St. Bernard, a bridge over Vine Street (with Spring Grove Avenue alongside to the west, and Vine Street continuing to the west, the Proctor & Gamble Distribution Center to the east, beyond the Ross Estates Yard, a bridge over Murray Avenue, a spur to industry to the east, a former Norfolk & Western line to Bond Hill curving away to the east, and the lead from North Yard and  a tank storage yard at P&G trailing in on the west side.

The line passes Elmwood Place, with Elmwood Avenue alongside to the east, crossing Township Avenue, Linden Street, Maple Street, and 66th Street, bridging over Seymour Avenue, SR4 (Springfield Pike), and Section Road, with Anthony Wayne Avenue alongside to the west, passing beneath the four ramps connecting SR 126 from the west to I-75, through Longview, and Carthage, bridging over and the Mill Creek, and turning north-northeast past Edgemont, Galbraith Road bridging overhead, and Hartwell, turning east-northeast and bridging over the westerly portion of I-75, past Arlington Heights, where there are crossings with Station Avenue and Erkenbrecher Avenue, and Reading, where it crosses Mill Street it turns north-northeast again, past crossings with Davis Street, Dunn Street, Wyoming Avenue bridging overhead, an acute angled bridge carrying the easterly lanes of I-75 overhead, a crossing with Smalley Road, and a long steel trestle at Lockland, to CP 248 (MP 248.6), where a connector on the west side leads to Evendale on the former PRR Chicago line (now the NS New Castle District), a crossover, Neumann Way bridges overhead, and a connector from CP-Mill on that line trails in on the east side, just before that line bridges overhead.