Tower 60 to Belt Junction

From the flat crossing with the BNSF (former Santa Fe) at Tower 60 (MP 6.5), which is CTC-controlled by the BNSF, the former Frisco line heads south-southwest, single track, Restricted Limits, speed limit 20 mph, past a grade crossing, a connector in the southwest quadrant, the spur to Bunge Foods (MP 6.6), a bridge over a stream, Olivera Junction (MP 6.2), where the speed limit is 20 mph in Restricted Limits as the north leg of the wye to the Stockyards curves sharply to the west and then north while the main track continues south-southwest, past the extra track at SP Main and House Tracks (MP 6.2), on the east side of the line.

The 800 ft. siding at Stockyards Station (MP 6.3) is on the tail of the wye, where the speed limit is 3 mph as the track heads north past Davis Bridge over a stream, a grade crossing, the south end of the siding (which loops around the west side of the building to the far end), a grade crossing, the totally enclosing "Stockyards Station" building, and the turntable outside the north end of the building.

The west leg of the wye heads due south to meet the main track at Stockyards Junction (MP 6.1), where the speed limit is 10 mph, and the line continues south-southwest, past the 1,311 ft. siding at Syn-Pro-Ferro (MP 6.0), where the speed limit is 20 mph, with three to four yard tracks on each side of the main, two grade crossings, the north-facing spur on the east side at Commercial Metal (MP 5.7),the through truss bridge over the Trinity River, MP 5, a grade crossing,  the 752 ft. east side siding at White Settlement (MP 4.8), a grade crossing, and the extra track on the east side at Shamrock Lead (MP 4.7).

The line turns just east of due south where a track once headed west-southwest to the former Texas & Pacific Centennial Yard, past two grade crossings, a road bridge overhead, a bridge over a park road, a bridge over a miniature railroad, a bridge over a park road, a through truss bridge over another fork of the Trinity River, a grade crossing, the I-30 bridge overhead, a grade crossing, the spur at Water Works (MP 3.4), the bridge carrying the former Texas & Pacific overhead, a 2% grade climbing to the south, a bridge over drainage, dual road bridges overhead, a grade crossing, two bridges over streams, a grade crossing, where the line turns just west of due south, a grade crossing with Windsor Drive, the spur on the east side from the former T&P at City Lead (MP 1.8), the six-track yard at 8th Avenue (MP 1.7) on the west side of the line, with a road alongside to the east, and a turn southwest to the yard and wye junction, with the line due east to Birds on the former Santa Fe, at Belt Junction (MP 0.0), where the speed limit is 10 mph with CTC operations at the junction with the FWWR's Dublin sub. continuing southwest.