Spring Street to East Point

At Spring Street, just south of the location of Atlanta's Terminal Station (MP 102.8), a CSX line from Union Station (now Circle Connection) comes in from the east and parallels the double track, Automatic Block Signals, former C of G line, with speed limit 60 mph for passenger trains and 55 mph for freights, for awhile, before trailing in, heading south-southwest. The former Southern line to Macon drops down to the west side, and then passes under the former C of G line, which passes Whitehall Street and turns south, and then south-southwest again, bridging over an erstwhile L&N line that once passed around Atlanta's west side. At Oakland Junction, a CSX (former Atlanta & West Point) line from Hulsey Yard comes in from the east at a wye, and the line turns south again, past Fort McPherson, Tillman, and Lakewood. South of Lakewood, the NS Industry Yard (MP 98.0) and the Triple Crown terminal are on the east side of the line, then at East Point the former C of G heads southeast and the CSX (former Atlanta & West Point) line continues on the southerly direction that the line had previously been following.