Belt Junction to Gulf Coast Junction

From Belt Junction (MP 0.0), where there is a single-track connector south-to-east from the Houston West Belt subdivision line from Tower 26, a single track line coming east from the BNSF Houston subdivision line from Teague, over a flat crossing with the UP Palestine subdivision, and a single-track north-to-east connector from the UP Palestine subdivision line from Longview, the Two Main Track, CTC, 20 mph line heads east, past a bridge over a street below, a bridge over drainage, a flat crossing with the UP Lufkin subdivision at Tower 76 (MP 1.3), where four major highway bridges pass overhead right above and to the east of the Lufkin sub., to Gulf Coast Junction (MP 1.7), where the Beaumont subdivision heads away northeast while the single track Houston East Belt subdivision turns east-southeast to Pierce Yard. There is a grade crossing just east of the junction.