Belt Junction to Spring Junction

From Belt Junction (MP 228.9), where there is a single-track connector south-to-east from the Houston West Belt subdivision line from Tower 26 to the Houston East Belt subdivision, a connector south-to-west to the BNSF Houston subdivision line from Teague, a flat crossing with a single track line coming west from the Houston East Belt subdivision to the BNSF line, the former location of an erstwhile west-to-north connector, and a single-track east-to-north connector from the Houston East Belt subdivision,  the UP Palestine subdivision heads just west of due north, Two Main Tracks, CTC, speed limit 60 mph, past the former location of the erstwhile Belt Junction Yard on the west side, Cross Timbers, a Hold Signal at MP 227.1, Hardy, crossovers at McGowen (MP 225.0), crossovers at Aldine (MP 220.4), additional track at Drillco (MP 219.4), additional track at Jetero (MP 219.3), detectors at MP 217.5, additional track at Gator Hawk (MP 216.7), additional track at Candle Ridge (MP 215.4), crossovers at Westfield (MP 214.6), crossovers at Spring (MP 213.9, where yard tracks on the east side edge away, and MP 213.1, the south end of Lloyd Yard), crossovers and the north end of the yard at Lloyd Yard (MP 211.1), and the wye junction on the west side at Spring Junction (MP 210.8), where the east side yard tracks trail back in, the UP Palestine sub. continues ahead and the UP Navasota sub. turns away west-northwest.