Lyons to Belt Junction

(In steam days, and again for awhile in the 1970s, there was a direct connection north from the Houston Terminal subdivision, west of Tower 26, and the line coming north from Hardy Street Yard to Tower 71, that permitted direct west-to-north movement from the Houston Terminal subdivision to the Houston West Belt subdivision in the area of Tower 26. In the 2000s, such a movement requires a reversal from Carr Street Junction to Lyons.)

Lyons (MP 232.5) is the south end of a south-to-east connector, from track 2, to Carr Street Junction on the Houston Terminal subdivision, with a rail-served scrap yard on the east side. Just north of Lyons (and west of Carr Street), past the intervening grade crossing and bridge over I-610, the Two Main Track, CTC, 20 mph line heading north passes a grade crossing and crosses the two-track Houston Terminal subdivision on the flat at Tower 26, continuing north past Brooks Street Junction (MP 232.1), also on track 2, where a spur on the east side trails in, a grade crossing, the interlocking and crossovers at Tower 71 (MP 231.5), where the line from Hardy Street Yard trails in on the west side and tracks 1 and 2 separate, two grade crossings, a spur curving away to the east between buildings, a rail-served industry north of the spur, the junction at Tower 210 (MP 231.0) on track 2 where the Lufkin subdivision heads away NNE on the east side, an industry with large tanks and tank cars on the east side of the Lufkin sub., a grade crossing, a spur curving away to the northeast to a plant with tank cars (chemical), Percival (MP 230.1) on track 2, a divided street grade crossing, a former spur on the east side into derelict ground, Freight Junction (MP 229.5) where the tracks come back together, a highway ramp, highway bridge, and highway ramp overhead, a grade crossing, and Belt Junction (MP 228.9), where a single-track connector heads south-to-west to the BNSF Houston subdivision line west to Teague, the single-track, CTC, UP Palestine subdivision continues straight ahead, over a flat crossing with the BNSF line, to head for Longview, and there is a single track connector south-to-east onto the Houston East Belt subdivision line to Gulf Coast Junction.