Settegast/Tower 87 to Gulf Coast Junction

Tower 87 (MP 4.7) is on the north side of the flat crossing, with northeast and northwest quadrant connectors (as well as southwest and southeast quadrant connectors on the south side of that line), with the Two Main Tracks of the Sunset Route (Houston Terminal sub.), and has crossovers between its Two Main Tracks, CTC, speed limit 20 mph, north of the connectors, with the line heading north, past the crossovers and junction at Interstate Junction, where the line splits into two pieces, one headed north past Settegast Yard, and one headed west-Northwest, past Pierce Yard, both 2MT, CTC, speed limit 20 mph, with a northwest connector between the two legs.

The north line passes that connector trailing in on the west side at South Settegast (MP 4.4), where there are crossovers and the south end of Settegast Yard (on the west side of the line), a road bridge overhead in about the middle of the yard, the north end of the yard and crossovers at North Settegast (MP 4.1 ??-the yard is about a mile and a half long!), and the wye at HBT Junction, leading to the UP (former MoPac) Beaumont sub. at East Wye Junction, to the east, and West Wye Junction, to the west (i.e., towards Gulf Coast Junction).

The west-northwest line passes crossovers at Kirkpatrick Junction (MP 3.8), where that connector trails in on the north side, a road bridge overhead, the east end of the BNSF Hub Center, on the north side (Track 2), and Pierce Yard, on the south side (Track 1), at South Pierce (MP 3.7), the west end of the BNSF yard at BNSF Hub Center (MP 2.3), and the west end of Pierce Yard at North Pierce (MP 1.7), to Gulf Coast Junction (MP 1.7), where the Beaumont subdivision trails in from the northeast while theHouston East Belt subdivision turns west to Belt Junction. There is a grade crossing just east of the junction.