Strasburg Railroad

The Strasburg Railroad is a 4.5 mile long tourist line, that also serves some freight traffic in the area.

From Strasburg, where the platform and wooden depot, built in 1890, are on the south side of the line, with a run-around track north of the platform track, and extra track north of that, the line heads just north of due east, past a water tank on the north side, east of the extra track, a foot crossing of the track out to the parking lot on the north side, the maintenance shop, locomotive shop, and car shop alongside to the south, the east end of the run-around track, more extra track on the north side, Fairview Crossing (road crossing) at the Red Caboose Motel (on the north side), farm fields on both sides, a dirt track grade crossing, the Eaglen Shade Turkey Farm on the north side, Eaglen Shade Crossing (road crossing), a dirt track alongside to the north, turning to become a dirt track grade crossing, and a bridge over drainage.

There is a grade crossing at Cherry Hill Crossing, Croft's Picnic Ground, with a shelter and picnic tables on the north side and siding on the south side, an Amish farm to the south, a grade crossing, Carpenter's Bridge over a dirt road, as the line turns northeast, Piles Crossing (a dirt road grade crossing), and curves around to the north, coming alongside the Amtrak Harrisburg line, heading north-northwest, at Paradise (on the Strasburg), aka Leaman Place (on Amtrak), where there is a run-around track, and main-line connections, with a road alongside to the west.