Midwest Regionals

Cedar Rapids & Iowa City

Homestead to Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids to Iowa City

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad

Independence to Canton,

Hocking Valley Scenic Railroad

Logan to Nelsonville

Indiana Rail Road

Indianapolis to Bloomington,

Iowa Interstate

Altoona to Homestead/Yocum Connection

Homestead/Yocum Connection to Davenport (Missouri River Junction)

Davenport (Missouri River Junction) to Rock Island (Terminal Junction)

Iowa Northern

Cedar Rapids to Waterloo

Cedar Falls to Manly Junction

Ohio Central Railroad System

Newark to Dennison,

Dennison to Gould,

Morgan Run to Brewster,

Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway

Brewster to Bowerston,

Wisconsin Central

Franklin Park to Leithton

Leithton to Antioch

Withrow to Dresser