Kansas City (Sheffield) to Independence

From, Sheffield (Signal Bridge 20) (MP 278.3), where the speed limit is 30 mph the BNSF (former ATSF) line to Chicago (with Amtrak trains 3 and 4) separates from the KCT line, which continues on the south side, onto a single-track, CTC, flyover that carries it eastward from this point, across the junctions to come, and a connector to the Gateway Western line heads south, at ground level, joining that line as it passes beneath the flyover and crosses the KCT line at grade, the line and flyover cross a drainage channel, and the former MoPac double track line south crosses the KCT main line on the flat at UP Crossing (MP 278.1), with a connector from west to south, where there is a grade crossing and the speed limit drops to 25 mph, (with the flyover crossing all of this overhead), followed by KCS-Armco Xing (MP 277.9), flat crossing with two separate north-south lines, with connectors from the west to the KCS both north and south, (with the flyover crossing all of this overhead), and passes Blue River Yard (MP 277.4) on the north side and four or five yard tracks on the south side.

The twin concrete bridges of I-435 pass overhead, above the flyover as well as over the ground-level line, the latter drops to single track, CTC, at the east end of the yard, and continues, past a grade crossing and with a parallel track to the southwest, to the crossovers at Rock Creek Junction (MP 276.9), where Amtrak trains to St. Louis turn away to the southeast on another former MoPac Two Main Track, CTC line coming from the west-northwest and crossed by the KCT ground-level line on a through-truss bridge, with the flyover still passing overhead on the north side of the KCT ground-level line.

The speed limit rises to 40 mph for passenger trains and 35 mph for freight trains, as the line turns east, south, south-southeast and east again, past a wooded area, a grade crossing, a street alongside to the southwest that turns across an angled grade crossing, dual road bridges overhead, a bridge over a street, a street alongside to the southwest, a pedestrian bridge overhead, three grade crossing, Intermediate Signals, extra track at Missouri Pacific (MP 275.3), a grade crossing, the final turn to the east (above), two road bridges overhead, and the passenger station (platform and brick depot on the north side) at Independence (MP 273.2), where the MP River sub. once continued east (it is now reached from the Santa Fe line, further east), with the stub now operated as the Pixley Industrial Lead, and the Sedalia sub. turns away south.