Waterbury to Torrington

From Waterbury (MP 24.3), the first 0.4 miles is part of the Guilford Waterbury Branch, as far as Highland junction (MP 23.9/0.0). The track north of here is operated by the Naugatuck Railroad, which is associated with the Naugatuck Railroad Museum, and continues, single track, VCS, maximum speed 25 mph, past a bridge over the river, a turn just east of due north, another bridge over the river, Waterville (MP 2.3), where it turns just west of due north, and then north again, away from the river, past the face of a dam, and then north-northwest to the site of the actual museum, which is at Thomaston (MP 8.6), a former station site along the line. The depot building on the west side is nicely restored and contains a few interesting artifacts, with much rolling stock, etc., in the sidings on the west side, beyond the depot. The line now turns north, then northwest, north again past East Litchfield (MP 16.3), north-northeast and north again, past MP 18, where Yard Limits start, Torrington (MP 19.2), and the end of the track at MP 19.8.