Avondale to East Bridge Junction (New Orleans)

At West Bridge Junction (ex-SP MP 10.5), ex-SP and ex-T&P continue due east (as a single track) at the double track New Orleans Public Belt turns away northeast, with a closed tower in the southeast quadrant, and starts its climb up onto the steelwork viaduct of the great Huey P Long Bridge, with crossovers at MP 8.02, signals at MP 8.01, woods below on the southeast side, bridging over drainage and then a bayou, turning north-northeast, past Intermediate Signals at MP 6.81/.82, MP 6.31, and MP 5.9, a divided highway (on the bridge) coming alongside to the east, with a highway passing below, northwest across a road, a bike-path, the Mississippi River (the center section is a through truss bridge where supports cannot be provided), a bike-path, a street, and industrial buildings, north-northeast as the road alongside moves away and descends rapidly, past Intermediate Signals at MP 4.62, and then east-northeast, over dual highway ramps below and a street below, as it comes down off the viaduct, with tracks at ground level on the north side of an industrial district, with the bridge crossing over two streets in the industrial area, Intermediate Signals at MP 3.31, tracks to the industrial area on the south side passing below, and the bridge crossing over drainage before the bridge trestle ends, with the two tracks from the bridge joining the Illinois Central (now Canadian National) line heading east at East Bridge Junction (IC MP 906.4).