Beacon to Hopewell

From CP 58 and the River Block Limit Station (both MP 0.0), where the Beacon Line separates on the west side of the Hudson Line, heading south, the line, on the east bank of the Hudson River, climbs on an embankment, and curves east, bridging over the Hudson Line and then turning just east of due north, the single track, Manual Block, with speed limit 25 mph for passenger trains and 10 mph for freights, climbs up the east side of the Hudson River valley, turning northeast past Glenham (MP 4.1), and Fishkill (MP 6.2), to Hopewell (MP 12.5) and the Block Limit Station at Hope (MP 12.7), where the erstwhile Maybrook Line once trailed in from the northwest, coming from the Poughkeepsie bridge and Maybrook, and the line continues southeast.