Dykemans to Danbury

From the junction with the north-south Harlem Line running on the west side at Dykemans (MP 33.6), where the Beacon Line turns south-southeast, single track, Manual Block, with speed limit 25 mph, past a Block Line Station at Brewster/Brew/Southeast (MP 36.4), where it turns just north of due east, a Block Line Station at State Line (MP 40.9/70.5), where the line passes from New York into Connecticut, a turn southeast and then east again, Fair (MP 74.7), adjacent to the fairgrounds, and a turn northeast, and then east northeast to Danbury (MP 76.9), with the old Danbury depot on the south side of the line (between the lines), and the junction with the Beacon Line east of the old station, where speed is restricted to 10 mph between MP 76.5  and MP 77.5.