Flatbush Avenue to Jamaica

From the terminal at Flatbush Avenue (MP 0.0), where an erstwhile line once came in from a terminal at Brooklyn, on the waterfront to the west, the third-rail electrified line heads just south of due east, in tunnel, with the LIRR Vanderbilt Yard in the open on the south side, between crossovers at Brook (MP 0.1) and  crossovers at Van (MP 0.6), emerging from the tunnel heading east, past the passenger station at Nostrand Avenue (MP 1.6), entering the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel to pass beneath the Bay Ridge freight line and through the crossovers and passenger station at East New York  (MP 4.0), turning just north of due east, in the tunnel, past a location where the erstwhile line south from Rego Park once crossed and Woodhaven, and emerging from the tunnel to pass the employee passenger station at Roland's Landing (MP 8.6), crossovers at Dunton (MP 8.7), where the tracks from the LIRR Morris Park Shops trail in on the north side, the junction at Jay (MP 9.0), where the Flatbush Avenue line trails in on the south side of the lines from Penn Station, the car yard, and Long Island City, the interchange passenger station at Jamaica (MP 9.3), and the junction at Hall (MP 9.4), where the Locust Manor line turns away on the south side of the main line.