Long Island City to Jamaica via Fresh Pond

From the stub-end terminal at Long Island City (MP 0.0), the non-electrified Fresh Pond line turns away south-southeast, bridging over Dutch Kills on a Drawbridge (MP 0.7), and turning south, past the junction at Bliss (MP 1.2), where the line from Sunnyside Yard trails in on the east side, turning just south of due east, along the north side of an inlet, past Penny Bridge (MP 1.8), southeast, past the passenger station at Haberman (MP 2.4), just south of due east, past the passenger station at Fresh Pond (MP 3.9), where the tracks from the Metropolitan Avenue Yard trail in on the south side, bridging over the freight line to Bay Ridge, with a southeast quadrant connector trailing in at Pond, past the passenger station at Glendale (MP 5.2), turning southeast, where an erstwhile line south from Rego Park once crossed, past the passenger station at Richmond Hill (MP 7.6), east to the junction at Jay (MP 8.7), with the line from Penn Station and the tracks from the car yard to the north, and the line from Flatbush Avenue to the south, and just north of due east, past the interchange passenger station at Jamaica (MP 9.0) and the junction at Hall (MP 9.1), where the line to Springfield Junction via Locust Manor turns away on the south side.