Hicksville to Babylon

From the passenger station at Hicksville (MP 24.8), and the crossovers and junction at Divide (MP 24.9), where the Port Jefferson Branch heads north-northeast, and the main line turns south-southeast, third-rail electrified, past Grumman, where it turns south, the passenger station at Bethpage (MP 27.9), where it turns southeast, the former crossing of an erstwhile line from Mitchell Field to an earlier Bethpage, and crossovers and junction at Beth (MP 28.6), where the main line turns east-northeast, and the non-electrified Central Branch heads east-southeast, past South Farmingdale to the junction with the Montauk Branch from Jamaica via St. Albans, trailing in on the south side, and passenger station at Babylon (MP 36.8/36.6), end of electrified service from New York.