Hicksville to Port Jefferson

From the passenger station at Hicksville (MP 24.8) and the junction at Divide (MP 24.9), where it splits from the north side of the main line, the third-rail electrified Jefferson Branch heads just east of due north, past Landia and the passenger station at Syosset (MP 29.1), turning northeast, past crossovers at Amott (MP 30.2), and east, past the passenger station at Cold Spring Harbor (MP 31.9), crossovers and the start of the yard on the north side at Hunt 1 (MP 33.9), the end of the yard and crossovers at Hunt 2 (MP MP 34.5), and the passenger station at Huntington (MP 34.7), end of electrified service, where the line singles.

The line turns just north of due east, past the 71-car siding at Hunt 3 (MP 34.9), the passenger station at Greenlawn (MP 37.4), a former junction with an erstwhile spur north to an old Northport, and the passenger station at Northport (MP 39.6), east past the 46-car Controlled Siding from Duke 1 (MP 39.7) to Duke 2 (MP 40.2), the 38-car Controlled Siding starting at Fox 1 (MP 43.2), the passenger station at Kings Park (MP 43.4), and the end of the siding at Fox 2 (MP 43.6), wehre an erstwhile spur once headed northeast to Kings Park State Hospital,with the Jefferson Park Branch turning south and then east-northeast, past the 41-car Controlled Siding starting at Post 1 (MP 46.8), the passenger station at Smithtown (MP 47.1), and the end of the siding at Post 2 (MP 47.3), northeast past the passenger station at St. James (MP 49.9), north-northeast, past the 31-car Controlled Siding from Stony 1 (MP 52.9), the passenger station at Stony Brook (MP 53.1), the end of the siding at Stony 2 (MP 53.3), and curvily east, past the interlocking at Jeff (MP 57.0), to the passenger station at Port Jefferson (MP 57.5), current end of the line, where an erstwhile line once continued to Wading River.