Hunter to Aldene

From the junction with the Northeast Corridor at Hunter (MP 10.8), the connector to the Lehigh Line heads southwest, double track, Automatic Block Signals, maximum speed 30 mph for passenger trains and 10 mph for freights, past a major road bridge curving overhead and a wide road bridge overhead, to the junction at NK/Meeker Avenue (MP 11.4), where the connector trails into the north side of the Lehigh Line coming from Oak Island Yard and the piers on the Hudson River on a multi-span through-truss bridge over the Northeast Corridor, and the line heads southwest, Two Main Tracks, CTC, maximum speed 60/40, past a bridge over a street, a major road alongside to the east, curving away, two road bridges overhead, an angled road bridge overhead, a bridge over a street, a bridge over a road, signals and crossovers at Hillside (MP 12.7), where a branch to Irvington Heads away west, a bridge over a street, the passenger station (high-level island platform, brick depot below to the east, ) at Union (MP 14.1), signals and crossovers at CP-Townley (MP 14.5), Intermediate Signals at MP 15.1, two bridges over streets, signals and crossovers, a through girder bridge over a street,  the passenger station (high-level island platform with umbrella shed) at CP-Roselle Park (MP 16.0), a through girder bridge over a street, the second half of the signals and crossovers, a bridge over a street, a bridge over an angled street, a location where the erstwhile Rahway Valley Railroad once trailed in from the northwest, and the junction at CP-Aldene (MP 16.9), where the descending single track connection to the Raritan Valley line departs on the west side of the Lehigh Line, which continues with a through truss bridge over the out-of-service freight line from Elizabethport, east of this point.