Long Island City and Hunterspoint Avenue to Harold

From the stub-end passenger station at Long Island City (MP 0.0), where the tracks to Jamaica via Fresh Pond turns away south-southeast in the station throat, the third-rail electrified line to Harold heads east-northeast, with the tracks from Penn Station, New York, emerging from their tunnels on the north side, past the passenger station at Hunterspoint Avenue (MP 0.6) and the bridges carrying the LIRR tracks between Sunnyside Yard and the Fresh Pond line overhead, to the crossovers at Harold (MP 1.8), where the line from Long Island City trails in on the south side of the line from New York Penn Station, the Amtrak tracks turn north, with Harold Tower on the west side and two bridges carrying the local and then express tracks of the 7 Subway overhead, and the LIRR tracks turn away southeast.