Jersey City to North Bergen

From the connection with the east end of the Passaic and Harsimus Line at CP-Waldo (MP 0.0), where an erstwhile PRR line from the pier at Harsimus Cove once trailed in from the east, the River Line heads north-northeast, single track, Rule 261, maximum speed 15 mph, past the junction with a connector to the National Dock Branch departing on the west side at CP-Nave (MP 0.7), where the maximum speed rises to 25 mph, a bridge over the National Docks Branch (which once reached east to the Erie's Jersey City terminal), anda bridge carrying the former Lackawanna lines overhead, west from their Hoboken Terminal, turning northeast, past Hoboken (MP 1.5), Willow Avenue (MP 3.1), wehre teh erstwhile Hudson Shore railroad once trailed in on the east side, and the line turns north-northeast again, the Northeast Corridor passing below in its Hudson Tunnel, the junction at CP-02 (MP 4.7/0.0), where an erstwhile Erie line once continued north-northeast, and the River Line turns west-northwest, through the Weehawken Tunnel under the ridge, and then curves around to the north-northeast again, past the south end of North Bergen Yard, on the east side at CP-1 (MP 1.3), where the maximum speed rises to 40 mph and the Northern Running Track and the New York, Susquehanna & Western come alongside to the west, and the junction with a crossover from the Northern Running Track, trailing in on the west side, at CP-2 (MP 2.0).