Rahway to Woodbridge Junction

From the flying junction (actually burrowing, since the southbound tracks ducks under) with the Northeast Corridor at Union (MP 19.7, from Jersey City), the NJT North Jersey Coast Line heads southeast, double track, Rule 261, Automatic Block Signals,  AC overhead electrification, maximum speed 70 mph for passenger trains and 30 mph for freight trains, but local restriction to 30/20 on the connecting tracks as far as Graw (MP E0.0), where they come together, past a south leg of a wye with the NEC, trailing in on the south side, a bridge over a road, a 65 mph passenger speed restriction from MP E0.5 to MP E0.6, a turn south, the passenger station (two side platforms) at Avenel (MP E1.2), signals at Edgar, a bridge over a road, a bridge over the former Reading branch to Port Reading, a bridge over a road, an embankment, and the passenger station (island platform, depot to the southwest) at Woodbridge (MP E2.8), turning south-southeast past a bridge over a street, a viaduct, a street to the southwest, a bridge over a street, a bridge over the New Jersey Turnpike, a track trailing in on the southwest side, signals at  Genasco, a rail-served tank farm to the northeast, and  road bridges overhead, and then just west of due south, with a 60 mph passenger speed restriction, from MP E4.8 to MP E6.7/0.0 and MP 0.1, past a bridge over a road and five road bridges overhead, to the junction with the single track non-electrified Chemical Coast Secondary, trailing in from just east of due north, at Wood (MP E5.1).